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Meet Dr. Linda J. Kaplan, MD


Dr. Linda J. Kaplan, MD, PA, FAAO, FACS, FAACS, ASLMS, CLIA is Board Certified. She is a Fellow of The American Academy of Ophthalmology, The American College of Surgeons, The American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery and The American Society of Laser Medicine & Surgery.

Her extensive education, training, and experience across multiple medical disciplines, including functional nutrition and botany, coupled with utilizing the most cutting edge technology in her practice, uniquely positions Dr. Kaplan to deliver outstanding results for her patients.



Dr. Kaplan pioneered the use of lasers for cosmetic facial treatments and was named Nivea’s and Biersdorf’s “Woman of the Year" for creating Skin Care specifically formulated for pre and post-laser skin.

Whether you seek Rejuvenation, Prejuvenation, Tweakments or solutions for Acne or Hair Reduction, Dr. Kaplan offers the most advanced, comfortable treatments available that result in the least downtime.

The Eye Spa, the first of its kind, is a selection of treatments targeting the most impactful part of the human body, the window to the soul.


Eye Health & Vision Correction

Dr. Kaplan has authored over two dozen scientific publications and has lectured nationally on a range of eye health issues including Eye Discomfort, Dry Eyes, Sagging Eyelids, Glaucoma, Macula, Cataracts and Retina.

A true innovator, Dr. Kaplan holds a U.S. Patent for an Intraocular Lens Implant and developed ways to safely remove Cataracts while preventing droopy eyelid problems. She also created an instrument to help cure Blepharitis and Meibomian Gland Dysfunction.

Additionally, Dr. Kaplan specializes in the non-surgical management of Tear Dysfunction and Eyelid Infections. She is expert at removing those bothersome bumps, lumps and tags around the eyes and on the face.

The eyes are often a window for discovering underlying medical illness and Dr. Kaplan evaluates health concerns including Tumors, Diabetes, Hypertension, Cholesterol, Thyroid, Stroke, Bell’s Palsy, and more.


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