Do you look as young as you feel?

Facials & Diamond-Brasion

Monthly facials stimulate circulation and help you feel relaxed and pampered. Dr. Kaplan's Medical Facial uses Glycolic Acid to deeply exfoliate and increase collagen stimulation. Dr. Kaplan created a neutralizing process so there is no peeling and you may apply cosmetics immediately following the Facial.

Are diamonds a girl's best friend? They are for a Surgeon. Diamonds are so hard they do not dull when used as surgical microblades. The Parisian Peel and MicroDermabrasion have been touted as wonderful skin texturing processes using a sandy crystal device. Dr. Kaplan's diamond crusted Dermabrasion device is far superior to the crystal device, polishing the skin without leaving harmful residue.

Wrinkles & Creases

The thickness and depth of the wrinkle or crease and where it is located, is important. This is why Dr. Kaplan has so many tools in her kit to give you the best results.


The “11”’s furrow between the eye brows is safely reversed with a combination of Botox to relax the muscles and Nova Threading to fill in the crevices.


For cheeks, midface, and jowls, Dr. Kaplan combines molecules including Sculptra and Nova PDO to give the lift you need to press out wrinkles and creases so that you look exactly like yourself, just decades ago.  

Laser & Light

Laser  & IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) procedures are proven to be effective and safe. As an expert with years of Laser experience, Dr. Kaplan has the knowledge to formulate an effective plan for you. Astounding facial rejuvenation is achieved by carefully applying energy to remove red and brown dyspigmentations, refine wrinkles, increase radiance and make you look like a younger you.

Volume Repair

There are new treatments for vertical lines above the lip & creased lip corners. Hyaluronic Acid products including Restylane and Juvederm are gold standards. To restore facial volume, Sculptra stimulates fibroblasts and natural collagen production.  Dr. Kaplan combines molecules to create a natural liquid face lift painlessly. For aging hands, Radiesse is excellent to volumize and rejuvenate.


Botox relaxes stressed muscles so overlying skin may lie flatter and smoother to reduce if not eliminate forehead wrinkles, frown lines between the brows, crows feet around the eyes, downturned lips and vertical neck strings.


Experienced with Botox since 1983, Dr. Kaplan is an expert with techniques to lift the brows, eyelids, and smooth thejowls & soften smokers lines.


And Don't Sweat it... Botox eliminates Underarm Perspiration as well.

Why look JUST OK when you can look GREAT?

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